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UFAA Organizes at Adam Clayton Powell Building in Harlem

Three members of the United Front Against Austerity delivered literature for the 1% Wall Street Sales Tax directly to staffers of Congressman Charlie Rangel’s Office today, and then proceeded to organize his constituents around the 1% Wall Street Sales Tax and the broader platform of the UFAA outside the Congressman’s office on 125th Street and Adam Clayton Powell Blvd. Though our numbers may have been few, our impact was strongly felt by passers by and the local street merchants who populate the Bazaar-like atmosphere of this busy Harlem cross-street. Over 400 pieces of literature were distributed in a short span of time, to the mostly Black and Hispanic residents of the 13th congressional District of Mr. Rangel’s who have been deeply affected by the continued assault of a rapacious financier class. Needless to say, nearly everyone we spoke to was highly receptive of our platform, and as further testament to the visceral power of a populist demand that can easily garner mass traction, the 1% Wall Street Sales Tax made spontaneous organizers out more than a few agitated citizens. Several good contacts were made and will be followed up as potential organizers.

Notable among those that expressed interest was State Senator Bill Perkins, who requested that our organization get in touch with him to discuss the details of the Wall Street Sales Tax, and how he might be able to help us promote it. Senator Perkins noted that he himself and others in the State Senate have been discussing the Transaction Tax, and that many in the New York legislature seem to be woefully unfamiliar with this tax, and that this is a badly needed source of revenue whose time has come. As Senator Perkins was looking at the posters we put up in front of the Adam Clayton Powell Building, (where many of New York’s legislators have their offices) he expressed optimism and asked us to get in touch with him. Stay tuned as the New York Local of the UFAA intends to follow up with the Senator.

Another Interesting contact was made with a gentleman from the “Coffee Party”, (as opposed to the Tea Party) which is a progressive organization, and has over 450,000 “Likes” on their Facebook site. He took our literature and loved the Idea of a Financial Transaction Tax, so we’re hoping that we might be able further our discussions with him, as he is one of their principle organizers

Overall, the short two and a half hour leafleting session was very successful, as UFAA organizers made good contacts, and successfully integrated the signature demand of the Wall Street Sales tax into an area that should be one of our strongholds in Manhattan.  Located between the famed Apollo Theatre and the Lenox Avenue Jazz Club, the Adam Clayton Powell Building will be one area that the UFAA will be organizing again in the not too distant future. As we continue to survey the geopolitical landscape of the Big Apple and build the broad coalition needed for our movement to take shape, I am sure that this junction is one where the UFAA’s ideas will flourish and be welcomed.

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