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NYC UFAA: Sunday Speak Outs

May 26, 2014 -- For the past six Sundays, UFAA members from New York City have been gathering in Union Square Park at what has been dubbed the Sunday Speak Outs. From four in the afternoon until eight at night each Sunday, UFAA members are reaching out to the public and dialoguing with anyone willing.

This past Sunday’s Speak Out has been the most successful yet, with a half dozen people present to hand out UFAA flyers and take turns holding a large anti-war banner that read “45 Burned Alive in Odessa, Stop the War In Ukraine”.

New Yorkers’ reception to the Sunday Speak Outs have been varied. A great many have simply stopped to take a picture while the more inquisitive have taken UFAA literature but continued on their way. A rarer few have stopped for discussion with UFAA members, and over the past two weeks, a small handful of individuals have started to return for further discussion and debate.

Ultimately, the Sunday Speak Outs have created a new venue for the UFAA to get its message out. Further plans are starting to take shape for larger actions, but in the very least, the UFAA has finally planted an independent flag on the streets of New York City.