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Our Program

A One-Two Punch for Economic Recovery

Wall Street speculators – not the American people – are responsible for the ongoing economic depression. Make them pay! We demand a 1% sales tax on stocks, bonds and derivatives to stop all state and federal budget cuts.

Make the private Fed accountable to the needs of the American people. Force it to finance an American economic revolution with trillions in cheap, long-term credit for infrastructure, industry and public needs.

Restoring Economic Protections

Protect industry with a 15% tariff (tax) on all imported goods

Protect family farms with a fair (parity) price on all storable grains

Protect savers and investors by re-regulating the financial sector

Asserting Economic Rights

Provide Medicare for All: public, not-for profit health insurance

Provide dignity for retirees by strengthening Social Security

Stop foreclosures, and fight usury with public credit to ensure access to affordable, quality public education and housing for all Americans