Printable Flyers

#FreePinkney Flyer

A 2-sided, 5.5 x 8.5" leaflet to spread awareness of Rev. Edward Pinkney to rallies for Ferguson, MO.

World Austerity Report, Issue 01

The inaugural issue of World Austerity Report, a newsletter written by UFAA friends and contributors. Please print and circulate widely!

Flyer: Make Them Pay!

A 1-page flyer to promote the 1% Wall Street Sales Tax to general audiences.

The Next New Deal

The UFAA's program of economic reform, in a 12-page, printable pdf.


Don't End the Fed – Seize It! This 1-page flyer explains how to finance an American economic recovery with Federal credit.

March on Washington

A 1-page flyer in support of the August 24, 2013 March on Washington and the "Labor Fightback" coalition. Join the UFAA and numerous trade unionists and activists – details at

Student Debt Relief

A 1-page flyer in support of Bank On Students, prepared by UFAA NYC. A very catchy graphic, and has space on the bottom to substitute your senators' names.

Bank On Students – General Use Flyer

A 1-page flyer introducing S.897, Elizabeth Warren's Bank On Students Loan Fairness Act. This should be used for general audiences, for email forwards, social media, etc.

Bank On Students: Student Mobilization

Emancipate yourself from debt slavery! Get active on campus for S.897, Sen. Elizabeth Warren's bill to use the Federal Reserve to refinance student loans at 0.75%.

America's First New Deal

America’s real founders did not support free trade and limited government. This brief flyer uses their own words to show our New Deal heritage.