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Which Deal Would You Take? (Click image to zoom)
Kyle McCarthy

We need $3.6 trillion to fix America's infrastructure. The policy of federal lending, as distinct from federal spending, can be used to kickstart a national economic recovery.


The signature hallmark of a labor movement on the ascendency has been a militant minority entering the ranks.

CNN's shot of the Capitol Building was interrupted through numerous segments by UFAA signage

Webster Tarpley led a contingent of UFAA activists in various interventions in Washington DC leading up to inauguration day. The highlight of the weekend was UFAA's scene-stealing appearance on CNN, where a live broadcast was interrupted for over 30 minutes by a sign demanding the 1% Wall Street Sales Tax.


Over the next several months, the Wall Street ruling class and its controlled politicians in the Republican and Democratic parties will attempt to inflict a series of savage and brutal austerity measures on the American people – measures which will add up to the initiation of domestic genocide on an unprecedented scale. This will occur irrespective of whether Obama or Romney has won the November presidential election.