Kyle McCarthy

What happened to the American Family Farm? This visual narrative reviews the current state of agriculture in America, the New Deal Parity standard, and points the way forward to rural prosperity with 4 million new farms and 7 million new jobs.

Bruce Marshall

Thanks to an honest Judge, Ingham County’s Rosemarie Aquilina, the Detroit Bankruptcy crisis has received a message of truth which the people of Detroit, the State of Michigan and the rest of the country should heed if we are to save Detroit and the States of this Union.

Polly Hughes

In America, under the guise of education reform, an initiative called Common Core aims to provide WalMart and other low-wage employers with legions of workers educated-in-name-only, ready to accept low-wages inside union-less quasi-sweatshop service jobs. The 1% gets wealthier while the 99% are mired deeper into austerity and have no recourse but to accept these conditions set by employers.


The state executive committee of the Peace & Freedom Party of Florida has voted unanimously to endorse the United Front Against Austerity’s full economic program.

Webster Tarpley

In historic breakthrough, Mass. Sen. Elizabeth Warren offers bill to force the Federal Reserve to finance student loans at 0.75% with no cost to taxpayers; measure embodies principles needed for US economic recovery from current depression.

Unemployment statistics (
Clark Matthews

Officially, unemployment in America stands at 7.6%, its lowest level in 4 years. Unofficially, the statistics are much worse.

Which Deal Would You Take? (Click image to zoom)
Kyle McCarthy

We need $3.6 trillion to fix America's infrastructure. The policy of federal lending, as distinct from federal spending, can be used to kickstart a national economic recovery.

Christopher Reith

The signature hallmark of a labor movement on the ascendency has been a militant minority entering the ranks.

CNN's shot of the Capitol Building was interrupted through numerous segments by UFAA signage

Webster Tarpley led a contingent of UFAA activists in various interventions in Washington DC leading up to inauguration day. The highlight of the weekend was UFAA's scene-stealing appearance on CNN, where a live broadcast was interrupted for over 30 minutes by a sign demanding the 1% Wall Street Sales Tax.

Bruce Marshall

The real disaster, had the so called "Farm Bill" not been extended until September 2013 by Congress, would have been the disruption of food assistance programs.