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Tax Wall Street Party

An open letter from Chicago voters to Jesús “Chuy” García:

The poor, working and middle class voters of Chicago need a champion. Our schools are being shuttered and sold. Our infrastructure and transit system are in disrepair. Unemployment, poverty and violence in our neighborhoods are becoming a national disgrace. And now Rahm Emanuel wants us to believe that Chicago teachers and other public workers are at fault.

Kyle McCarthy

80 years after the chartering of the Export-Import Bank by Franklin D. Roosevelt, a curious coalition of legislators and think tanks have set out to destroy this legacy institution, and with it a significant part of America’s waning industrial capabilities.


Webster Tarpley revisits his riveting lecture to the 2014 Left Forum. Essential, a must watch! Continued at

Kyle McCarthy

Candidates Ben Sasse and Dave Brat lead a new wave of “theocratic libertarianism.” Will it sink the Republican party, or plunge America into fascism?


While we at UFAA are broadly supportive of the goals of the so-called Robin Hood Tax, we are obligated to offer a number of constructive criticisms.

Kyle McCarthy

What happened to the American Family Farm? This visual narrative reviews the current state of agriculture in America, the New Deal Parity standard, and points the way forward to rural prosperity with 4 million new farms and 7 million new jobs.

Webster Tarpley

In historic breakthrough, Mass. Sen. Elizabeth Warren offers bill to force the Federal Reserve to finance student loans at 0.75% with no cost to taxpayers; measure embodies principles needed for US economic recovery from current depression.

Unemployment statistics (
Clark Matthews

Officially, unemployment in America stands at 7.6%, its lowest level in 4 years. Unofficially, the statistics are much worse.

Which Deal Would You Take? (Click image to zoom)
Kyle McCarthy

We need $3.6 trillion to fix America's infrastructure. The policy of federal lending, as distinct from federal spending, can be used to kickstart a national economic recovery.


The signature hallmark of a labor movement on the ascendency has been a militant minority entering the ranks.