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Political Report to the United Front Against Austerity

Over the next several months, the Wall Street ruling class and its controlled politicians in the Republican and Democratic parties will attempt to inflict a series of savage and brutal austerity measures on the American people – measures which will add up to the initiation of domestic genocide on an unprecedented scale. This will occur irrespective of whether Obama or Romney has won the November presidential election. 

The reason we are gathered here is to hammer out a strategy to attack, harass, disrupt, and defeat the forces of austerity, and – by breaking the power of the Wall Street financiers, the hated 1% – to prepare the political ground for an economic recovery program.

The Fiscal Cliff is a Big Lie

You have heard the buzz words of this austerity campaign. We are told that we are approaching a horrendous fiscal cliff which must be addressed during the lame-duck session of Congress. In reality, there is no fiscal cliff – it is a myth invented by reactionaries and proto-fascists. The lame-duck session suits Wall Street because many congressmen will be defeated or retiring, and looking to Wall Street for future jobs and lucrative consultancies. We are told we need a Grand Bargain. In reality, the Grand Bargain will be orders of magnitude worse than the Satan sandwich embraced by Obama and the Republicans in August 2011, on the brink of a totally unnecessary US national bankruptcy.

While many victims of the current system fix their attention on the presidential contest, the preparations for murderous austerity are in full swing behind the scenes in Washington. Leading the charge is the so-called Gang of Eight in the United States Senate, more accurately known as the Crapo Commission in honor of Republican Senator Mike Crapo of Idaho, the reactionary Mormon who is one of its leading figures. Other gangsters of the Gang of Eight include Saxby Chambliss of Georgia, Lamar Alexander of the prison industrial complex, and Dick Durbin of the corrupt Illinois bipartisan combine. These political gangsters are now colluding with Obama to shred the economic rights acquired by the American people over centuries of political, labor, and civil rights struggles.

Backing up the Gang of Eight is the so-called Simpson-Bowles commission, known more accurately as the Catfood Commission, since this is what senior citizens will be reduced to living on if their demands go through. Former Senator Alan Simpson of Wyoming is a decrepit misanthrope who has left little doubt that he thinks senior citizens should be exterminated to relieve the pressures on the federal budget and open the door to bigger and better bailouts of the Wall Street zombie banks in the near future. Erskine Bowles is a former Morgan Stanley zombie banker himself who joined with Newt Gingrich to wreck Social Security during the second Clinton administration when he was White House Chief of Staff, and would have succeeded – until Miss Lewinsky came along.

Wall Street Austerity Ghouls Run Wild

Halloween will soon be upon us, and the austerity ghouls are running wild in the Witches’ Sabbath of class warfare against working people. The Satanic orchestrator of much of this has over recent decades been Peter Peterson, the former head of Lehman Brothers, the bank whose orgy of derivatives speculation blew apart the world banking system four years ago. But, against all evidence, Peterson and the Wall Street faction he speaks for continue to argue that the current depression has been caused by excessive spending on entitlements and the social safety net, and not by hot money speculation, derivatives, and hedge funds – which is what actually happened four years ago.

These are the forces with whom Obama has said he is “eager” to reach a grand bargain on the backs of the American people.

These will be killer cuts, following on years of bipartisan gouging, chiseling, and shredding. Manual laborers will have to work many extra years before they can get their pensions. The cost of living mechanism will be tampered with to guarantee that monthly benefits for retirees will dwindle rapidly over coming years. Be it by a death panel or by the alleged “market,” Medicare will be rationed and denied. Medicaid will be block granted to the states, meaning that more and more middle-class families will be pauperized by the costs of keeping their aged relatives in nursing homes. Unemployment benefits are already paying for fewer and fewer weeks, and the Ninety-Niners have been betrayed and forgotten. Pell Grants, the only way low-income kids can hope to attend college, will be on the chopping block. Child nutrition programs like WIC and school lunches will also be targeted. Both parties are targeting food stamps, the only remaining program keeping 50 million Americans alive – Americans who have no job, no unemployment benefits, no Welfare (Clinton ended Welfare in 1996), and no healthcare. If food stamps are cut, some of these people will die.

In the real world, between 30 and 40 million Americans who want and need to work have no jobs. Republicans and Democrats are cooperating to break the back of what remains of the labor movement. Romney and Ryan demand that all states be forced to institute union-busting right-to-work laws, of the kind that have just been rammed through by Governor Mitch Daniels of Indiana. Obama’s approach to union-busting is more complex: along with education Secretary Arnie Duncan, he has focused on busting the American Federation of Teachers, as for example in the recent Chicago teachers’ strike. The goal of both parties, backed up by Bill Gates, Eli Broad, and other 1%ers, is to privatize and asset strip the public school systems of the United States, taking us back centuries to a time when schooling was the prerogative of the wealthy. Obama calculates that, since public workers are the vanguard of today’s union movement, and since teachers are the strongest of the public workers unions, smashing the teachers union will prepare the ultimate demise of labor in this country. We should add that Obama’s much touted program for General Motors and Chrysler rescued the holders of bonds and derivatives, by forcing the once mighty United Auto Workers to reduce wages and benefits to the abysmal levels of the right to work sweatshop plants in the southern states.


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